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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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scene with the latest on the investigation. what do you know? >> reporter: well, montgomery county police are looking for three men. they believe after the robbery and after the clerk shot at them, they ran across the railroad tracks here next to howard road and they ran down metropolitan avenue. they were last seen getting in a red toyota camry near metropolitan avenue and st. paul street. a witness said one of the men had blood on his jacket. they faced off against the clerk earlier today and when they came in to the shop, they were armed with a bb gun but they didn't know that the shopkeeper was armed with two guns. >> the man who owns this store has been selling jewelry and antiques for over 30 years. in that time span, his brother says the shop has been robbed more than once. so, under the counter his brother keeps a derringer and .32 caliber revolver. when the two men entered the store around 2:00 p.m., the
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shopkeeper called his wife. the men made her nervous. suddenly the men announced a robbery and started beating the shopkeeper with a bb gun. we talked to his brother after the shooting. >> he has got a gun. >> reporter: would it have been like him to go after the guys and shoot them. >> apparently he chased them. but he's not fit to runny more, all right. he has so many stroke, pacemaker, you name it, he has got it. >> he's a feasty old guy. he is armed. he's jewelry shop. he is entitled to be armed. he shot at the suspects. one for the good guys. >> reporter: there was concern that the shopkeeper may have been shot. we understand that he was not shot, that he just sustained a severe laceration to his head.
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he will be okay. his wife is here at the shop. we will have more of what she has to say later in the newscasts tonight. the news edge on virginia, the common health will be home to northrop grumman. they announced they are moving from southern california to northern virginia. john henrehan live with why the company chose virginia. i imagine the pentagon helped out. >> only about a mile and a half from where we are standing. we are not talking about a lot of jobs but very high paying jobs because this is the corporate headquarters of a fortune 100 company. d.c. wanted it, maryland wanted it but northrop grumman is coming to virginia. northrop grumman wants to be closegovernment. it has tens of thousands of workers at the shipyard in newport news and involved in aviation, technical services and information systems.
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virginia officials put incentive offers on the table. the ceo of the $34 billion a year company explained why virginia won out. >> the proximity and the available real estate played a big role in it but the economies played a big role. that was the incentives put forth by the state and counties as well as the economics of the available real estate. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnel estimated incentives total 12 to $15 million for the corporate relocation but virginia will make back the money. >> we expect to have a pay back of our investment in a short period of time. when you have 300 jobs that average in the neighborhood of about 200,000, we think it will bring 30 plus million dollars of tax revenues to the state. >> reporter: officials have not finalized a real estate deal and the company headquarters will be somewhere in arlington or in the falls church area.
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that may mean fairfax county. where should northrop go? >> anywhere accessible by public transportation. there is not room for all the cars any more. >> reporter: now, northrop ceo stressed that transit is a factor but he said the biggest factor is the cost of real estate. that probably means not a close in location where rents are high in rosslyn but possibly further out, falls church area, close to the beltway. >> john henrehan reporting live for us. a bill that would overturn the tough d.c. gun laws is expected in the senate. it's sponsored by senators mccain and tester and repeal the ban on semi-automatic weapons. it would authorize d.c. residents to buy guns and ammunition in maryland and
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virginia. an estimated 300 activists lined up on connecticut avenue demanding action from house speaker nancy pelosi. the activists are part of adapt, a national grass roots disincident rights organization. they are demanding she work with them on new legislation. remembering a civil rights icon. final farewell for dorothy height today. mourners are attending her public viewing. fox 5 wisdom martin has more from northwest. >> they have been here several hours waiting for a chance to go inside and pay their respects to a civil rights legend. for nearly half a century, dr. height was instrumental and important in the struggle for equality and human rights. she was elected in 1957 to the national council of negro women as president. she served in the position until 1998. during rifle rights she worked with people like dr. martin
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luther king. she received numerous awards including the presidential medal of freedom. as a leader, it's clear she has done so much and a lot for a lot of people. >> she was a woman for all women. regardless of race, creed, color. >> inspiration to me and to the chapter, washington, d.c. chapter. she has done so many great things and such a fine leader that where else would i be. >> i'm one of the women that came along way because of her. she is very good inspiration to me. anything that i do, i look to her and try to do it in the perfect way she did it. she is a perfect woman to me. >> this particular event here on pennsylvania avenue will go on from 6:00 to 10:00 tonight. we will have more on the story tonight at 10:00. dr. height will be laid to rest this week. tonight's public viewing goes
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through 10:00. tomorrow night a memorial service will be held at shiloh baptist church then thursday funeral service will take place at 10:00 a.m. at the washington national cathedral. fox 5 will carry it live on air and online. millions of dollars worth of counterfeit goods off the streets. that story is coming up next. >> the sign says we buy cars but do they? i'm beth parker. why some people are upset with this company. keaith
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when you sell your car you expect to get money out of the deal. turns out it's not always true. customers say a maryland company is not holding up its end of the deal. as beth parker shows us, for consumers it's a painful hit. it's a story you will see first on fox. >> reporter: when people show up at we buy cars in laurel, they see a sign that says the office is temporarily closed. we tried the phone number that leads to a recording. >> we buy cars. the best way to sell your vehicle period. >> reporter: he disagrees. he has paperwork. in february he sold his lexus to a company called we buy cars in laurel. they agreed to take over the note. >> first they told me they will pay a monthly payment and pay off the full balance. i later realized when i checked online that they weren't doing that. >> reporter: he planned to lower the car payment to save up for his wedding has not worked out. now he is stuck with a payment
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for his new car and the $14,000 he owed on the old lexus. >> it's been over two months and they haven't paid off the vehicle. i guess at this moment i'm scared and frustrated and angry. >> reporter: he has company. all day people showed up at the we buy cars location in laurel. the sign on the door says, quote, systems are currently down. paul says a we buy car employee told him they would pay him $4,000 for his car. he bought the new one. when he returned -- >> he said we are temporarily closed. >> reporter: he still has two car payments to make but he is lucky compared to this person. he doesn't have his car. the check we buy cars wrote him bounced. >> i have to come every day from work to check on people and call people and find out. >> reporter: he asked for his car back and got no response. no one returned our calls
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either. the outgoing message says auto wholesale supermarket. we went there and found cars locked behind a wired fence. maryland is investigating. we contacted the better business bureau. they have 12 closed complaints against the company and three others being investigated. they say the company has an f rating for over a year now. in laurel, beth parker, fox 5 news. maryland attorney general's office says it got one complaint about the company. to be clear, we buy is the web address for the laurel company. there is another company in california but the two are unrelated. the ipad is making it difficult for some to catch their zs. the link between the ipad and insomnia. and anne arundel county community college is looking for a few inso many knee yaks
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itself. they are adding midnight classes. they will offer a psychology class from midnight to 3:00 a.m. community colleges in massachusetts, indiana and oregon offer similar courses. t .ie
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when you have to make hard decisions, make someone else do it. the national debt commission is up and running. it's a commission appointed by president obama had the first meeting today. erskine bowles and al will be symptom -- alan simpson are leading the effort. goldman sachs on the hot seat today. senators called current and former executives to testify about whether they prove fetd unfairly from the housing market meltdown. melanie alnwick has been following the hearings.
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>> reporter: the main event took the stage after 5:00 p.m. ceo of goldman sachs defending the action of his company. at issue are the mortgage backed securities that the company sold. some investors might buy them to hold on to, other buy insurance against them believing they will drop in value. that is the short position. many of the senators believe that goldman should have told long term buyers that the firm itself was taking the short position. i want you to listen to the exchange between david vineyard, chief financial officer and senator carl levin that gives you a sense of the arguments going on today. >> when you were on the short side betting against it, i think it's a very clear conflict of interest. and i think we got to deal with it. now, you don't apparently. >> i do not necessarily think that. >> when you heard that your employees in these e-mails, looking at these deals said -- [ bleep ] what a deal, what a piece of crap, when you hear
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your own employees read about those e-mails, do you feel anything? >> that's very unfortunate to have on e-mail and very unfortunate -- >> e-mail. >> how about feeling that way. >> it's unfortunate for anyone to have said that. >> how about believe that and sell it. >> that's unfortunate as well. >> that's what you should have started with. >> you are correct. >> reporter: pretty feasty exchanges. goldman sakes says it does not act as a financial adviser so it has no obligation to disclose if it takes a long or short position itself. many senators believe the practice is unethical, it may not be illegal. >> for now. >> exactly. >> melanie alnwick reporting live in the newsroom. we are talking financial reform on capitol hill. republicans blocked it today. federal officials seized $253 million worth of product
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most smuggled through baltimore, dvds, circuit breakers and medication. 35 people were arrested. >> i announce my candidacy for governor to move all of maryland forward. >> he will face off against former governor robert ehrlich. he criticized o'malley for tax increases and big spending. >> increase in temperature around here but we have one more day to go. >> you won't have to wait long. we have to get through the frosty cold night. it's breezy still. that will hang around a few more hours then another taste of summer as we end the month of april. no showers to be chasing today. they were south through most of central and southern virginia moving away. we have nice blue skies returning. that breeze is still out there out of the northwest.
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it will continue for a few hours. it will die down after the sun goes down. very pretty out there. temperatures have gone up to 61 degrees. this is what we are talking about tonight. it will be dropping to the low 30s. dry air and once the wind releases, now that the clouds are going, we will see the temperatures dropping, especially for loudoun, montgomery and howard counties here in the closer and northwestern suburbs. that will drop to the mid-30s. there are freeze warnings in effect beyond the frost advisory. bottom line f you did early planting, get out there and do something to protect them if you can. let's talk about the weekend forecast. summer is coming. 84 saturday. 85 sunday. could be storms around sunday afternoon and evening. it does not look like they will be as severe as this sunday with the widespread reports of hail and heavy rain. today's high temperature 65. dulles 64.
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bwi 63. heading for a chilly night tonight. temperatures right now aren't too bad. sun is popping out everywhere. the winds are still fairly strong out of the northwest gusting to 26 at the top of the hour to 16 at leonard town, 23 manassas and 23 cull pup per. through the night out of the northwest 10 to 15 then down to 10. it can get chilly. winchester you could drop to 34 degrees. chantilly 37. not d.c., 41 degrees. fairfax and points to the east cool spots. drag the window boxes in or the hi bus discuss tree if it's -- hibiscus tree if it's out for the summer we will get to about
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only a little better than today. by noon breezy at 59 degrees. by 5:00 63 degrees. not a bad looking day. i wanted you to see that we tracked a few showers down through central and southern virginia. richmond saw some of that. we have a big storm. look at the snow they are seeing -- the same storm that passed us by yesterday. they will get several inches of snow in upstate new york and new england. that's the last thing they want to see with the trees and leaves out. five-day forecast, this is something you want to see. we are going for 70 degrees once we get through tomorrow. cool day but nice bright day. it will be nice. then very nice and comfortable for thursday. how about jumping to 80 for friday. saturday 84. sunday 85. that is a nice runment find your picnic spot for the weekend. >> thank you, sue. apple's new ipad may come with an unwanted side effect.
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sleep experts are blaming the hot device for insomnia. they say the bright lcd display can keep you up at night by hampering the body's ability to make melia ton in. the ipad 3 g comes out friday. capitals are gearing up for another game 7. how are they feeling the night before the big game? sports up next.
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good evening. for the washington capitals, it's do or die. the rubber meets the road. after tomorrow there might not be a tomorrow. last night the caps fell behind 2-0 to montreal. the capitals threw everything but the kitchen sink out there but unable to find the net until late in the game when it
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was already over. 52 of 53 shots. bruce boudreau your thoughts on near game 7. >> am i surprised? no. did i wish it had gone -- we won in game 5 at home, that's probably why i was a little wound up that night. i knew that it would be a real dogfight if we didn't win it that night and we didn't. so, here we are in game 7. >> the caps have gone game 7 in every play-off lead series with boudreaux. caps beaten by the flyers. last season they beat the penguins before falling -- bet the rangers before falling to
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the penguins. this montreal native didn't hide his dire to play the pivotal game 7. >> you want to be in those situations and have the chance to succeed and play. playing those kind of games is why you play the game. you play a long season to be in the play-offs. game 7 is the ultimate game. >> the family of late washington wizards owner abe pollin agreed to major economic terms of a deal to sell its stake in the team to ted leonsis. the deal is not done yet and ted leonsis's group says they will wait until it's done before issuing comments. washington sports and entertainment robert pollin released the following statement. what we really wanted was to say that we have reached an agreement with ted. we wanted to get it out so we
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can plan for a transition that will be smooth and for the employees to understand where we are. former red skin jason campbell will have company in oakland. cartright signed a deal with the raiders, he was released in march after eight seasons with the redskins. he is expected to see most of his playing time on special teams. now you are caught up. back to you. >> thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on. "american idol" is on tonight. shaniya twain is the guest mentor. see you then.
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